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Add extra functionality to your user sign-ups and logins!

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At Frontly, you can customize what happens every time your users complete the simple task of signing up to your app or just logging in.

Instead of being limited to a one-size-fits-all approach, you will have the freedom to define the actions that align with your priorities. Whether it involves updating or appending to a Google Sheet row, dispatching an email, or updating a webhook request โ€“ the choice is entirely yours. Furthermore, these actions can be seamlessly combined and sequenced, offering you the opportunity to craft a personalized user journey that matches your vision.


You can set up either of these type of User Actions through your User Settings.

Scroll down over to your Signup Settings where you can configure these actions separately.

After clicking into either one of these configurations, click '+ Add Step' to pull up a list of options to program your first action. The actions you see on this list are very similar to the click actions associated with any Button Block.

Click here if you wish to learn more about Button Blocks

Click here if you wish to learn more about Custom Actions

Identical to the functions of a Button click action, you will have the ability to queue up multiple of the same or different actions that will be triggered once your users sign up or log into your app.

To add more steps to your sequence, simply click the "+" at the bottom of the modal to pull up the same selections again. There is no limit to the number of steps you can add, and steps can be deleted or edited via the "..." in the top right. Actions will be resolved in the order that they were arranged in where ordering can be adjusted very simply by clicking and dragging their individual modals up and down.

Use-Cases for User Signup Action

Here are some examples where a user sign-up triggered action may be helpful:

  • Creating a welcome email for newly signed up users.

  • Adding a new row to a spreadsheet detailing an app's list of users.

  • Sending a webhook to an external server to help you verify user information during the signup process.

Use-Cases for User Login Action

Some examples where a user login triggered action may be helpful for your app:

  • Storing log in times into timesheets or to determine user activeness on app.

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