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Choose different layouts to organize the blocks on your page

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One way to make your pages more user-friendly in Frontly is to organize your content with a Layout Block. A Layout Block allows you to arrange the orientation of your blocks in preset ways and makes the overall design of your page appear more clean, focused and professional.

For a more a more dynamic and customizable layout set-up, click here to see the newly added Row and Column Block.


Once a Layout Block has been selected from the block menu, you can choose from one of the preset configurations to determine the position of your blocks.

Once a selection has been made, an imprint of the layout will show on your page and the object will behave like any block and therefore can be deleted and re-positioned relative to the other blocks on your page.

Note: Be careful when deleting a layout block with its block slots filled, as doing so will also delete the blocks inside them too.

Adding a Block to Layout

To add a new block into your layout, simply click one of the vacant slots and choose from a block menu identical to the menu at the top of any page.

Note: It's possible to add a Layout Block into a Layout Block which can unlock more organizational choices, but with the caveat that it may introduce clutter and unwanted user interface issues due to the sizing limitations of each block.

Add Existing Block to Layout

If you have a pre-existing standalone blocks that you'd like to include into your Layout Block, click the vacant slot you want to have filled and you will be prompted the option to "Add Existing Block to Layout". Clicking the existing block will bring that block into the layout.

Moving a Block out of a Layout Block

If you wish to move a block out of a slot, click the block and you will see an X symbol with a hover description "Remove From Layout". Clicking this will not delete the block, rather it will just move it outside of the layout as a standalone block.

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