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Make - Trigger 'Scenario' Action
Make - Trigger 'Scenario' Action
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Supercharge your Frontly app's functionality by integrating with the Make automation platform.

With this simple integration, you can trigger Scenarios (multi-step workflow automations) in Make, which can integrate with thousands of commonly used software platforms.

NOTE: This integration requires you to have a paid Make account to make use of the Scenarios function that will receive requests directly from Frontly.


A user submits a Form in your Frontly app, which triggers a 'Make' Scenario, passing information that the user entered in the form.

This Scenario could add the user to your third-party email marketing platform's mailing list, send them a welcome email, then update values in another third-party software like your e-commerce store, fulfillment software, or almost anything else you can think of.

You can trigger this action from anywhere in the app that supports actions, such as a Table row / Grid card click, Button click, Form submission, User Signup event, and more.

Click here to see the entire list of possible action triggers here.

Setting Up The Integration

1. Navigate to the Frontly 'Settings' page in the admin sidebar and then open the Integrations tab.

2. Find your 'Make' Organization ID by going to the Organization page, then grabbing the ID from your browser's address bar:

3. Create an API Token by navigating to when logged in (note, if you're outside the US, the link may start with instead of

Click the 'Add Token' button, then give your token a name and select at least the following permissions:



Hit 'save' and then copy and paste the token into the corresponding Make Token field in Frontly.

Using The Integration

Start by creating an action and selecting the Make step:

Click the 'Select Scenario' button to load a dropdown list of your Scenarios in Make, then select the one you want to trigger.

To pass variables from Frontly into your Scenario, you can add them in the 'Values' field:

Note: You can use static values or dynamic variables as shown in the screenshot above.

Defining Variables In Make

In your Make Scenario, find the 'Scenario inputs' button at the bottom of the page:

Define your inputs here to match what you're sending in from Frontly:

Once that's complete, whenever you're editing a value for your scenario in make, you'll see these variables appear as 'Scenario Inputs' in the relevant tab:

That's it! You can use these input values in your automation and trigger some amazing business workflows directly from Frontly.

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