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Visible Filters
Visible Filters

Enable your users to search and filter through your data blocks!

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Located in the 'Filters' of your Block settings, you can define Visible Filters, which give users the ability to filter the visible data.

Common examples would be filtering by some kind of status or category that exists in your data.

To set visible filters at the page level, click here to learn more!

Creating a Visible Filter

After highlighting the desired block, click on the 'Filters' tab and 'Add Visible Filter'. In each modal after you've selected a column for filtering, you'll see the remaining filter settings populate as shown:

Description of Visible Filter Fields

Column - Select the column you'd want to filter down your data with.

Component - This determines the visual input field that users are interacting with, such as a plain-text Input where they can type in a value, or a Select Dropdown displaying a list of possible values.

Note πŸ“: For the 'Select Dropdown' type, the available filter values are autogenerated based on the unique values in your spreadsheet, so no configuration is required.

Operator - Determine the method used for comparing data. Most of the time, you'll want to use Equals or Contains, depending on if you want an exact match or a partial match.

Click here to read the full article on Operators

Icon - Choose an icon that will be displayed with the filter that best represents what data is being filtered.

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