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Page Filters

Filter all your blocks at the page level with this new page setting!

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Pages in Frontly with multiple data blocks referencing the same spreadsheet will no longer require each block to be set up individually with visible filters. Instead, you can set them up at the page level through the new Page Filter feature in their settings!

If you'd like to know how to set up visible filters at the block level, click here to learn more about Visible Filters.

Creating a Page Filter

To create a page filter, simply head over to your page settings into the 'Advanced' tab. Clicking the 'Add Filter' button will open a modal with the following options.

Description of Fields


Create a label for your filter which will be displayed on the page to your users.


Choose the input type that your users will be able to filter their data with. The available types are currently Input, True / False, Select Dropdown, MultiSelect, Date, Relative Date, Date Range.


Select the icon to be displayed with your label and component.


Depending on the component you select, you may need to determine the method used for comparing data. The 'Equal' operator is a common one to use, but there are many others to choose from in the dropdown.

Sheet Column Mapping

Applicable spreadsheets will show in this section, and you will have the option to decide which column will be connected to the filter you're creating.

Note πŸ“: If you aren't able to see your desired spreadsheet listed in this section, it's likely because the spreadsheet is not connected to an applicable block or is connected to one of the Form or Infolist blocks, which are the two spreadsheet-linked blocks that cannot be filtered.

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