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MultiSelect Dropdown Fields

Maximize user choices with a MultiSelect field

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The "MultiSelect Dropdown" field type is a feature that allows you to provide your users with a more flexible and user-friendly way to make multiple selections using a dropdown menu. With this feature, they can easily choose one, all, or none of the available options, making data collection more versatile and user-centric.

Why Use MultiSelect Dropdowns?

MultiSelect Dropdowns are a game-changer for form creators and users alike. They offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  1. Efficiency: Users can select multiple options with a single interaction, reducing the time and effort required to complete forms.

  2. User-Friendly: It's intuitive and convenient, allowing users to make choices that reflect their preferences accurately.

  3. Error Reduction: With predefined options, the chances of data entry errors are minimized.

  4. Versatility: Suitable for a variety of use cases, from scheduling availability to product preferences.

Setting up MultiSelect Dropdown Fields:

After creating a Form block and importing your Sheet, select the field that you'd like to turn into a a MultiSelect Dropdown. In the example below, a form is being created to allow customers to indicate their shipping method preferences for their orders. Editing a specific field should now enable you choose the "MultiSelect" Field Type.

Selecting this will populate an "Options" table that will allow you to map out the options your users will be selecting through, with "Label" being the option they'll see and "Value" being the data that will be returned back to your sheet. In this example, I have my label and value the same for both.

Once configured, users will have a nice clean dropdown interface to work with that highlights and specifies the options they've selected.

From there, submitted selections will show up on your Google Sheets as comma separated values in a single cell.

Visible / Hidden Filters for MultiSelect Values

Submissions from your users' MultiSelect choices will also help enhance search capabilities anywhere you can configure a visible or hidden filter. Through the collection of data with MultiSelect fields, it opens the door for broader and more nuanced search possibilities. By treating the submitted values as "tags", you can effectively search for combinations of these tags, to uncover intricate patterns and trends of your user submissions.

Visible Filters

Using the same examples above, I can now use the MultiSelect visible filter to gather submissions that meet the criteria of my search. With the results I've been able to pull below, I can now drill into my consumer data with a more analytical approach, or use it to improve the efficiency of our courier logistics operations

Hidden Filters

Using a combination of MultiSelect values and hidden filters, you can regulate the type of information coming through a Table block or any block that has hidden filter capabilities. After separating your values with commas into your conditions, your Table will display the rows of data that includes one of your indicated values.

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