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Adjusting Form Field Types
Adjusting Form Field Types

Customize your Forms however you want to!

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At Frontly, there are two main locations for your Forms.

  1. Form Block - This is a standalone form you add to your page from the list of Blocks.

  2. Default Detail View - This is the default form that appears when you click on a record on one of our key blocks (Table, Grid, Kanban or Calendar).

Hovering your cursor over one of these blocks and their components will enable you to edit those component after you click it. From there, look to the options on the sidebar and the pop-up modal to customize your block to your liking.

Editing Form Block Fields

Your spreadsheet may have several columns, but you may only want some of them to be displayed or filled out by your users. All columns will be enabled for display by default or will be determined by how you import them into Frontly.

Simply click any of the options to toggle them on or off.

Edit Field Menu and Adjusting Field Types

Clicking the 'Edit' icon in your sidebar or the field itself will pull up the 'Edit Field' menu and all its options.

Clicking 'Field Type' will allow you to choose among different field types that best fits your form needs. We recommend trying them all to see what they do for your app!

Select Field Type

If you change your Field Type to Select or MultiSelect, you can create a list of pre-defined options to display in your form. The 'Label' is displayed visually, and the Value is the one stored in your sheet. These can be different for display purposes, or they can be the same.

Then, in the live app, you'll see the dropdown instead of a plain text input:

Note: MultiSelect and Hidden field types are robust and can bring dynamic use cases and value to your app!

Click here to learn more about MultiSelect Dropdown fields
โ€‹Click here to learn more about Hidden Form fields

Editing the Default Detail View

The Default Detail View at Frontly will always be a Form. How you want this form to look is entirely up to you, for you will have access to all the same tools and options as a standalone Form block.

To get into this Detail View, firstly make sure you've selected one of the key blocks mentioned in our overview and that the 'Record Click Action' dropdown is set to 'Default View'. From there, it is as simple as clicking 'Edit Detail View' and this will direct

you to a new page to edit this Form.

In addition to the expected editing features, you'll note the Detail View page also highlights some other Form elements that can be configured as well.

Note: Worth sharing is that the 'Custom Detail View' is another view that opens up many more layers of possibilities for more advanced users. Click here if you wish to know more about their distinctions.

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