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Create / Edit Records

Create and make edits to your records on Frontly without needing to go into your spreadsheets!

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With Frontly, you don't just have the ability to display your spreadsheet data with a clean, user-friendly interface - you and your users can have the ability to create new records or edit existing ones right from our platform! This article will guide you through the many customization options you'll have right at your fingertips.

Note: Blocks that support the creation/editing of new/existing records ones are the Form, Chart, Grid, Kanban and Calendar.

Creating a New Record

After creating your block and selecting your sheet, you may notice a "+ New Record" or "Save New Record" at a location of your block. This is very simply the function that will allow you to add a new row to your data when your page goes live or when you're previewing it.

The text for this button can also be changed from your 'More' settings if you so wish to.

Alternatively, if you wish to make the block viewable or editable only, clicking the 'Allow Creating Records' switch under 'Actions' will disable and remove the feature from the block.

Note: You may have noticed some elements of the Form block are laid out differently than the other imported sheet blocks. This is because they are designed to ingest new information or display existing information that can be edited. More of the latter point will be shared in the next section.

Click here for more details about the Form block and how it is used.

Editing an Existing Record

Once your app is being previewed or is live, you can set your to record clicks to enable a detailed view of your record (or row) to view and edit them.

To configure this, you'll see under your 'Actions' section of your settings 'Record Click Action' that is set to 'Default View'. Clicking 'Edit Default View' will bring you to a separate page inside the record that's been clicked.

Note: The 'Custom Detail View' is an alternative to the 'Default View' for more advanced users. Click here to learn more about the distinctions of these views.

In this Detail View, the clicked record will be shown as a form with all the affiliated labels, fields and values. Here, you can configure whether the form details can be edited or deleted by your users through the selections on the left panel.

This is also an opportunity for you to customize different aspects of this form. Click here if you wish to learn more about adjusting form field types.


Frontly offers you the flexibility to not only display but also seamlessly create, edit and delete records within your app. This means you can effortlessly manage your data without the headache of manual management in your Google Sheets, all while trusting it will sync up to its source in real time. With Frontly, your data remains up-to-date and accessible, allowing you to focus on your user interface and making the data work for you, effortlessly.


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