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Hidden Form Fields
Hidden Form Fields
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By default, Form blocks will display all the columns from your Google Sheet as form fields that a user can fill in with their own values.

In some situations, for certain fields, you want to send a pre-defined value to the sheet instead of allowing the user to type a value.

You can accomplish this by going into your Form settings, finding the Fields list in the sidebar menu, and clicking on a specific field to open the field settings editor.

Find the 'Field Type' setting and select 'Hidden' to make it a hidden field.

Once you set a field to Hidden, you'll see a new input called 'Hidden Value', where you can enter whatever value you want to send to the sheet for that field when the user submits the form.

Example 1: Current Date/Time

You have a date_created field that automatically populates with the current date when a record was created. For this, you would enter {{}} for the current date or {{}} for the current date and time into the Hidden Value field.

Example 2: Google Sheet Formula

If you type a standard Google Sheet formula into the Hidden Value field, it will be injected into the cell. Note that if your formula requires the ability to reference other columns in the same row or even ones near it, you will be required to use frontly's row_count variable.

Click here to read the full article on how to configure this.

Example 3: Current User Email

You have a created_by field that automatically populates with the email address of the user who created the record. For this, you would enter {{}} into the Hidden Value field.

Example 4: Static Value

You want to automatically set the status column of new records to 'Pending'. To do this, simply enter Pending into the Hidden Value field.

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