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Adjusting Table Column Types
Adjusting Table Column Types
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Just how you can change the input of your Form fields on the Form block, Frontly gives you the flexibility to change the output of the data on your Table block. You may have preferences of which values you'd like to show on your Table and how you'd like to have them shown. Read on to learn more about the options currently available to you at Frontly!

Editing Table Block Fields

On the Table block (or any block at Frontly for that matter!), you can select whichever fields of your spreadsheet you've imported to show or to hide from your users. Look to the 'Table Column' section of the edit panel and make your selection here.

You can set the default show/hide fields across your app by going into your Google Sheet settings and setting them when you click into the imported spreadsheet from there.

Adjusting Table Column Types

Clicking on the edit icon next to the field label (visualized above) or clicking on the column header of the Table block itself will display a model with a Column Types field. Click on it to view the options below.

Explore each of them to discover how they can change your column values!

Note that selecting Date and changing the date/time format will only alter the way your date/time values surface at the block level. To configure widespread changes at the Google Sheet or app level, you'll have to do so through your Google Sheet settings or your general app settings, respectively.

Additional Resources

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