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They're just your page settings.

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Overview of Functions

Basic Settings


A label for your page, used internally for identification and used in the auto-generated app navigation sidebar.


The page URL setting determines how this page is accessed within your app.

The page URL should be all lowercase with no spaces. Hyphens are allowed.

If your page url is projects, you can access your page at, or if you have a custom domain installed, it would be

Background Color

Set the background color for your app. This will override the page color you've selected in your app Styling settings for this page only.


Select an icon to be used in the auto-generated app navigation bar in your public app.

Require Login

Determine whether this page should be require a logged-in user to view it, or if it should be publicly accessible with no login or password.

Publicly accessible web pages you create will require any referenced spreadsheets data to be set to public too, otherwise your users will see an error. Find this setting in your Google Sheets tab.

Display Conditions

Set parameters on how your users are able to navigate to this page and view the contents on them.
​​Click here to learn more about Display Conditions

User Groups

Set user permissions to determine which user groups are able to access this page.

Click here to learn more about User Group Permissions

Advanced Settings

Max Width

Set a max width for your page content. The remaining space on your page will be the background colour you've set.


If the page is published, it can be found in your live app. If not published, it will be invisible to any public users and only available in the page builder for editing.

Hide Navigation

Toggling this will completely hide the page navigation bar from your users on this page.

Page Filters

Create filters on your page which will update the values on your blocks affected.

Click here to learn more about the Page Filters

Delete Page

Used to delete your entire page. Be careful, since this is permanent and cannot be undone.

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