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The Grid, Kanban, and Calendar Blocks all share the same settings relating to the white card that displays their core data.

Here are all the card related settings you can customize for these blocks.


Define multiple lines of text to appear on the card, with optional font styling options to determine size, weight and colour if you click into it.

For each field, you will select a spreadsheet column to determine which value from your spreadsheet row to display in the card.


Select a spreadsheet column to display as colourful badges on your record card.

If your spreadsheet cell has a single value, it will appear as one badge. If your spreadsheet cell has a comma-separated list of values like "Marketing, Admin" it will display as multiple badges, split by the comma:


For the Grid and Kanban block, you can idsplay an image on cards by selecting the field where the image URLs are stored.

Click here to learn more about displaying images in Frontly.

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