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App Navigation (Sidebar & Header)
App Navigation (Sidebar & Header)
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Frontly automatically generates app navigation for your users to move between pages within your app.

To customize your navigation, you go to the Settings page in the main dashboard.

You'll find the following relevant settings:


Upload a logo to be displayed in your navigation and on your login and signup pages

App Name

Used in place of your logo, if no logo is uploaded

Navigation Type

Header - A horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page.

Sidebar - A vertical navigation bar on the left side of the page.

Page Order

Re-arrange the order of your pages by clicking and dragging them into place, which adjusts the order in your public app navigation.


Want to group your pages into expandable / contractable sections for better organization or saving space on the page?

A nicely designed app navigation is the first step to building a highly usable app!

You can access these settings from Frontly's main Settings page in the Navigation section.

Example of Sections in Header Navigation:

Example of Sections in Sidebar Navigation:

The list of configured sections in the Navigation Settings:

Adjusting the settings for a specific Section:

Choosing the Section for a specific page:

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