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AI Tokens and Using Your Own OpenAI Key
AI Tokens and Using Your Own OpenAI Key
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There are two ways that Frontly leverages AI in our no-code platform:

  • To generate your apps and spreadsheets based on your plain-text prompt in our AI App Generator. This uses 1 token per app generation.

  • To generate text responses based on a prompt and your user's inputs using the OpenAI Request action. This uses 1 token per request.

Each app generation or OpenAI request consumes one AI Token from your monthly balance:

Each paid plan comes with a specific number of AI tokens that are replenished each month. If you run out of tokens, you may need to upgrade to another plan if you want to continue using AI tokens or wait until the month is over for your AI Tokens to replenish.

Using Your Own OpenAI Key

Through our Frontly Unlimited Lifetime Deal or the monthly AI Tokens upgrade, you can have your own OpenAI API key entered into Frontly to unlock additional benefits!

Click here to learn how to enter your own OpenAI key into Frontly.

Doing so reduces the load and cost for Frontly's server and enables us to provide a 10X increase to your token limits.
If you're on our Tier 5 plan with 500 tokens per month, your limit will be increased to 5,000 per month.

If you've purchased our $15 monthly AI token upgrade package, your token limit will be increased to 20,000 per month.

An additional benefit of entering your own API key into the app is you'll have access to the GPT-4 AI model which is faster and will provide higher quality responses GPT-3.5.

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