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Frontly Privacy Policy
Frontly Privacy Policy

Updated March 18, 2024

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Frontly's Privacy Policy offers a plain-language description of Frontly's data and privacy practices, including:

  • What customer data we store

  • Where we store this data and which platforms do we use to store data

  • Why we store this data and how it's used

  • Your rights to have your data erased


Frontly does not sell your data to any third-parties. Frontly only shares data with third-parties for the specific purposes of customer support, marketing and analytics as described in this document.


Our database is hosted on Amazon Web Services in Canada. Our database is used to store account data when you register with Frontly, including your email, name, app configuration, etc.

Web Servers

Our front-end and back-end web servers are hosted on the Heroku platform in the United States.

Google Sheet Data

Frontly uses Google Sheets as a data source, allowing you to populate your apps directly from Google Sheets.

Currently, Frontly does cache (save) a copy of your spreadsheet data in our AWS database for the following purposes:

  1. Caching data for improved page-load times in the live app, preventing the need to request fresh data from the Google Sheet every time the page loads, and instead refreshing this data on an interval (1 hour is the default)

  2. Data preview in the admin app editor. Without a saved copy of your data in Frontly's database, we wouldn't be able to show you a live, realistic preview of your data while assembling your app, which would dramatically reduce the user experience and ability to get a true sense of what your app will look like and how it will operate for end users. We are currently working on a new account setting which will allow you to turn off all spreadsheet data storage and instead require Frontly to fetch live data from your spreadsheet any time it's needed to be viewed, including in the app admin.

Third-Party Services


OpenAI is an AI platform that Frontly uses when you make AI requests in the Frontly platform. The data sent to OpenAI is limited to the data you include in your requests.

OpenAI is used for two features:

  1. AI App Generation - Your 'prompt' is sent to OpenAI as well as any other revised app structure decisions throughout the multi-step AI App Generation process.

  2. OpenAI Request Action - You can optionally trigger requests to OpenAI using the OpenAI Request Action, passing custom data defined by you and/or your user's dynamic input in the live app.


Intercom is our Customer Support and Engagement platform. Intercom powers our live chat and email support, help center, in-app popups, and some account-related system update emails around new features, important news, etc.

The information stored in Intercom includes your name, email, and relevant account information such as number of login sessions, your current payment plan name and price, registration date, and location data detected automatically from your IP address.


We use ActiveCampaign to create and send marketing emails to our userbase.

The information stored in ActiveCampaign includes your name, email, and relevant account information such as number of login sessions, your current payment plan name and price, registration date, and location data detected automatically from your


Mailgun is a transactional email service used by Frontly to send account-related emails like 'password reset' and other non-recurring emails.

Mailgun is also used to power the 'Send Email' action which can be configured within your app to enable email sending functionality within your live app.

Mailgun stores data related to the specific emails we send, including the email address and the content of the emails.

Sessions is the platform we use for hosting live webinars. Your data is only stored in Sessions if you have registered to attend one of our webinars, and the data includes your name and email address used to register.


If you are using the Frontly platform after March 19, 2024, you will have been prompted to provide explicit consent for us to collect and use your data in the manner outlined in this document. If you do not provide consent, your access to the platform will be revoked, and a 'data erasure' request will be automatically filed on your behalf to ensure your data is erased from our systems within 30 days.

Data Erasure / Removal Requests

Frontly will respond to 'data erasure' requests to remove your personal data from our systems within 30 days to confirm that the data was deleted.

To have your data erased from our system, send an email to [email protected] with clear instructions to delete your data from our system, ensuring the email address you're sending from is the owner of the account which you are looking to have removed.

We will aim to respond as quickly as possible, but responses will be compliant with the GDPR maximum of 30 days to respond to erasure requests.

Data Security

Frontly employs robust security measures to protect your data. We continually monitor and update our systems to ensure the safety of your information.

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