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Warning: This feature allows anybody to view your spreadsheet data on Frontly, as well as potentially edit or delete records, depending on your settings. Be very careful when enabling public access, and make sure you test your public page in an Incognito tab/window without logging in to see what the public can access and which actions they can perform.

Most of the time, you want your pages to be protected behind a secure email/password login.

In some cases, you may want to be able to display data from your Google Sheet on a public page.

There are 2 simple steps to making your page public:

Step 1: Turn off the 'Require Login' setting

Each page has a setting in the 'Access' section called Require Login which determines whether or not this page requires that the user be logged in, or if it should be publicly accessible.

By default, the Require Login setting is turned on, but to enable public access, you can turn it off and hit 'Save'.

Require Login setting on the Page => Access settings:

Step 2: Turn on 'Allow Public Access' for a specific spreadsheet

For security reasons, in addition to enabling public access for a specific page, you also need to turn on the Allow Public Access setting for any specific spreadsheet that should be available via these public pages.

This double-security measure helps ensure that you don't accidentally expose your sheet data to the public.

Allow Public Access setting on the Google Sheets => Sheet settings:

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