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Date Formatting
Date Formatting
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Learn how to use Frontly's Date Format features to ensure your blocks are correctly processing date-related data in your date format.

Default Date Formatting

Setting a default date format that will apply to all your 'Date' field types can be done via your app Settings. From there, under your 'General Settings' you can click the

'Edit Date Format' button. Keep in mind if you've created multiple apps, you will need to configure these settings for each of them individually.

From this click, you will be able choose from a predefined list of formats or you can create your own custom ones!

Custom Date Formatting

For users who need a date format that isn't in the default list, you can now define a fully custom format to be used in your app's date-related fields, like calendar, sorting, filtering, etc.

You can set formats like MM-YY-DD or Y-MMMM-D HH:MM, or whatever you want, as long as it's using the supported date syntax.

To learn more about how to construct custom date formats in the correct syntax, click here!

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