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Create Users Via Webhook
Create Users Via Webhook
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In most cases, you will want to handle user signup in one of two ways:

  1. Manually create users to allow them access to your Frontly apps

  2. Allow users to sign up on their own at the /signup link in your app

For more advanced cases that involve external platforms and automations, Frontly has a 'Create User' webhook that can be enabled to allow automated user registration, triggered by an external action in a third-party platform.


Webhook base URL (POST):

Required POST body parameters:


The Frontly-generated unique API Key for your organization. Can be found on the Settings page in the Advanced section.


The Frontly subdomain of the app you are creating a user in


The email of the new user to create


The password of the new user to create

Other Fields

Other fields available are first_name, last_name, and any custom user fields you've created in your Frontly admin.

How To Use the Webhook

Reminder: This is an advanced feature, which requires the understanding of APIs and HTTP Requests. Frontly cannot provide direct support / assistance for API request setup in third-party platforms.

To use the webhook, you simply need to make a POST request from a third-party platform to the webhook URL provided above, including the required parameters.

If successful, you will receive a response object with the new user data.

If unsuccessful, you will receive a 400 error.

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