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Adding Full Screen Forms and Custom Links to your Navigation Bar
Adding Full Screen Forms and Custom Links to your Navigation Bar
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You can now add Frontly's Full Screen Form feature or any of your custom links into your app's navigation bar to enable your users to move between pages seamlessly. Read on to learn how to do this in just a few simple steps!

Adding a Custom Link

Under your Navigation settings, scroll down to the Custom Links settings and click + Add Item.

Doing so will create a new Custom Link object, which can be clicked to open up the modal below. Provide a label for the custom link and select an icon for it to show on your Navigation Bar, then provide the link URL.

After saving your configuration, you'll now see your custom link in your navigation bar!

Adding Your Full Screen Form

Adding your Full Screen Form is an identical process to adding a Custom Link, but here are some additional steps to help you locate your form link or URL.

Head over to your Full Screen Form and click the Preview button. The preview will display the URL you'll want to copy and paste into the Link field in your Edit Custom Link modal. Please disregard the URL parameters beginning with the "?".

To update the URL subdomain, simply edit the URL setting and re-enter a new one.

And that's it! That is how you can add either your Custom Links or your Frontly Fullscreen Form into your navigation bar!

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