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This article ties in with a few other Frontly articles relating to User Management.

We encourage you to carefully consider and review the options in each of these settings before finalizing your set-up.

User Roles, Groups & Permissions
Users Spreadsheet
Custom User Fields

The User Profile is a feature that will give your users control over the values of their Frontly custom user fields - whether they are modifying the inputs for your internal Custom User Field system or the ones that exist in your User Spreadsheet.

If enabled, this page will give your users access to a new and secure 'Edit Profile' page without requiring you to build it yourself. Additionally, it will not take up space in your navigation bar, as it appears as a dropdown option when they click their logged in email.

Note: Enabling this function will enable your users to edit their first and last names as well as any other field you've prescribe for their Edit Profile page.

Also visible but never editable for all Edit Profile pages is the user email. This is only for displaying purposes and cannot be modified by the user at this time.

Turning on Edit Profile

You will find the toggle to enable this feature by clicking the Users setting from your homepage and selecting the Edit Profile page.

Syncing Fields from Custom User Fields

Once enabled, you can determine which of the Custom Fields you've created inside Frontly will be editable by your users by clicking their 'Editable By User' checkbox.

Choosing the fields that are editable by your user will show on their Edit Profile page whilst hiding the non-editable fields.

Custom user fields updated through the user profile will be reflected internally inside your Manage Users tab when you click on the specific user.

Syncing Fields From User Spreadsheet

After connecting your Users Spreadsheet into Frontly, you'll notice all of your spreadsheets fields will sync into your user's Edit Profile page.

Tip 💡 If you have user fields in your user spreadsheet that you don't want your users editing the values to, consider updating those fields into an internal custom user one to prevent them from showing on the Edit Profile page.

User spreadsheet fields updated through the user profile will not be reflected inside your Manage Users tab but will show on your spreadsheet instead.

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