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Spreadsheet (Block Setting)
Spreadsheet (Block Setting)
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Important Note: Before connecting any of your Sheets to your blocks, please make sure your Sheets data is set up in a way that Frontly's able to work with it.
โ€‹Click here to read more about Frontly's Google Sheet Setup.

Frontly uses Google Spreadsheets to fill your blocks with data.

When you add a new block that requires a spreadsheet, such as Table, Grid, Form, Kanban or Chart, you will see a "Spreadsheet" select dropdown field:

For most blocks, selecting a spreadsheet is the only required configuration to produce a fully-functional page.

When you select a spreadsheet, any other related fields will be auto-populated with data.

For example, if you are using the Kanban block, you will see that the Columns are auto-populated based on what Frontly finds in your sheet data.

Under the dropdown, you will see 2 links:

Open In Sheets

Click this to open your actual spreadsheet document in the web browser inside Google Sheets, to view or edit your raw sheet data

Refresh Data

In your live app, Frontly will always use the current, live data from your spreadsheet, so there is no need to manually update or refresh the data.

However, in your page builder, data will not automatically update and refresh in real-time. If you make structural changes to your spreadsheet like adding/removing columns, or just want to see an updated view of the data in your sheet in the page builder, just click the 'Refresh Data' link to force a refresh.

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