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Frontly's RichText block feature enables you to transform plain text into visually engaging content. With the ability to customize text size, font style, color, and even add line breaks, you can make your web applications more vibrant and user-friendly.

Overview of Features

  1. Text Sizes (h1, h2, etc.): Adjust text size to create headings, subheadings, or body text. You can choose from h1 to h6 for various levels of emphasis.

  2. Bold and Italic Text: Emphasize specific parts of your text with bold or italic styling.

  3. Text Color: Personalize your content by selecting from a wide range of colors.

  4. Line Breaks: Structure your text by adding line breaks where needed.

How to Use the RichText Block

1. Selecting the RichText Block

Find the Rich Text block in the 'More Blocks' section in the page builder header.

2. Customizing Text Size

  • Highlight the text you wish to resize.

  • Select the desired size (h1 to h6) from the drop-down menu.

3. Applying Bold or Italic

  • Highlight the text you wish to style.

  • Click the 'B' icon for bold or the 'I' icon for italic.

4. Changing Text Color

  • Highlight the text you want to color.

  • Click the color palette icon and select the desired color.

5. Adding Line Breaks

  • Place the cursor where you want the line break.

  • Press the 'Enter' key on your keyboard.

Tips and Best Practices

  • Use headings to create a clear structure for your content.

  • Use bold and italic sparingly for emphasis without overwhelming the reader.

  • Choose text colors that align with your overall design theme.

  • Preview your content to ensure that it appears as intended across different devices.

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