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Custom Domain Setup (CNAME)
Custom Domain Setup (CNAME)

Learn how to add your custom website url to your Frontly app

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Adding a Custom Domain to Your Frontly App

Connecting a custom domain to your Frontly app is a vital step in personalizing and branding your web application. It allows you to replace the default Frontly URL with your own unique domain or subdomain. Follow the steps below to add your custom domain:

Step 1: Enter Your Custom Domain in Frontly

1. Log in to your Frontly account.

2. Navigate to the Settings tab.

3. Click on Custom Domain settings.

4. Enter your full domain here with `www`, such as `` or a subdomain such as ``.

5. Click Save.

Once you save, you will receive a CNAME record address. You will need to point this to your DNS settings within your own hosting provider.

Step 2: Update DNS Settings (Example: GoDaddy)

Here’s how you can add the CNAME record address to your GoDaddy account:

1. Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center.

2. Select the domain you want to modify.

3. Click on DNS Settings

4. Choose Add under the Records section.

5. Select Type as ‘CNAME’.

6. Enter the provided CNAME record address from Frontly in the Points to field.

7. Save your changes.

Please note, DNS changes may take some time to propagate across the internet. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours for DNS changes to fully take effect.

Step 3: Verification

After your DNS settings are updated, you may need to wait for the DNS changes to propagate before the verification succeeds. Sometimes this process can take several hours, and the SSL certificate can take up to 24 hours. After 24 hours, if your domain is not appearing at your custom domain, there may be some setup issue.

Adding a custom domain to your Frontly app enhances your brand identity and provides a more professional appearance. By following the steps above, you can quickly and easily set up your custom domain. For any additional help or specific details related to your hosting provider, please consult their documentation or contact their support.

Feel free to reach out to Frontly support if you encounter any issues during this process. We're here to help!

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